Baking: Banana Cupcake Muffins

Banana Cupcake Muffins: a photographic journey:

This recipe was brought into the family in 1978 (via Saudi Arabia, nonetheless, but that's another story) ... I know I'll never bother with any other recipe but that which I grew up on.  I love the original recipe card it was written on & how it's been written on by others (ignore the margarine & the sugar substitutions - 1/2 cup butter & 1 cup sugar is best!).



  1. I hear your neighbours like muffins.........


    (PS. You have to come over & try my fancy new caffeine machine!)

  2. The muffins lasted mere moments - not even enough time for me to grab more than 2 for myself! (okay, well, I ate all of the mini muffins I made with the extra batter ... shhh!).


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