a beginning for a buttercupped girl...

...this is my first blog post, ever. I have visions of being a prolific blogger; sharing anecdotes & photos of happy moments. These visions are, of course, fanciful and full of vivid colour and many smart verbiage. We'll see just how colourful & smart this girl can be.

I figure it's good to begin in the now. Today, feeling a little under the weather and quite exhausted from a full week, I decided to scoop up my dog (Grace, whom you will see much of on this blog) and seek out adventure. Here's some photographic evidence of our adventures:

Grace is the little dog: she met a new dog Lucy but then got shy & attempted to climb my leg & then went on to chase many birds - non-stop adventures!

All in all, it was a lovely outing. Just what a girl needed to get out of her head. It is now time for tea and cookies; a necessity for any buttercupped* moment.


*buttercupped: (verb)

  1. to be immersed in vintage goodness
  2. to be served tea & cookies & be listened to
  3. to feel happy; or to be made to feel happy


  1. this is a good start Caren, i will be looking forward to more of your experiences... go ahead with your blog.....

  2. I'm so excited to have you in the blogosphere ;) Yeah, I just used that lame word. I'm that kinda gal.

    Love you!

  3. Yay! Caren. We can find our way together! Happy bloggin


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