The beginning of a Sunday special?

I've realized, now that I've started this blogging process, that it helps to have focus in what is blogged about.  I am now attempting to figure out what those focuses would be.  Obviously, Grace is a focus ... how could she not? ... and baking (joy!).  Nature, naturally.  I'd also like to focus on vintage goodness, as I'm in the process of opening an Etsy vintage shop (The Vintage Apartment).  Art will somehow get involved, too, as is its way.

But, how to focus all these loves? I admit, I'm not necessarily the most tunnel-visioned girl out there.  I tend to let my mind wander, and get distracted by little things (birds, flowers, sky, dog, cat, chipmunks!, cookies... you get the idea).  I am leaning towards having a couple of days a week dedicated to a certain offering - whether that be vintage love, baking, books, crafting ... who knows! I know I don't, yet.

Perhaps I'll start, though, with something for a sunny Sunday.  Perhaps this will be a start of something concrete.  Sunny Sundays? Sunday Smile? Silent Sunday? Obviously, I'm a fan of alliteration!

A little something I saw in a parking lot whilst grocery shopping.  It made my day!

Smile on!


  1. Haha, love that license plate -- you'll have to show it to Charlotte :)

  2. And the bug looks like a pug, too!


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