a blue ribbon on an autumn day...

Autumn.  It's so full of vibrant moments! For this past Thanksgiving (for us Canadians) weekend, I took many walks with Gracie: soaking in the colours. It's easy to find thanks on days like these:

I found a lost blue ribbon, and decided it needed to be tied around one of my favourite trees:

I hope you get to enjoy these whimsical days of Autumn, too, while they last! Already, I can feel winter coming in the winds.


  1. Awe, I'm so happy you posted today -- I've called a couple times this week but to no avail!
    Miss you, neighbour!

  2. Hi pretty neighbour!
    I admit, I've been cocooning to the Nth degree.

    I shall become more neighbourly, I swear! In the meantime, thank god for being blog-neighbours! ;)

  3. Gracie looks so damn cute in fall colours!

  4. Chantilly!
    Autumn is definitely Grace's season ... her coppery colours come into full bloom.

  5. you are the coolest! i love all the pics and i used ur recipe and its scrum-didly-umptious!!!

    xoxox sambino

  6. Sambino - I missed your post (how?!) - you must think me snobbish! Yay for you trying out the banana cupcake muffins (so yum!). xoxox


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