the colour blue

A recurrent theme will be the colour blue.  It's my favourite colour, and as there are so many shades of blue, it can never be tiresome.  It is also suitable to my emotional rating today, that of feeling a little blue.  So, to perk myself up, I dedicate this post to Blue!

The blue ribbon I tied around a tree a couple of weeks ago still resides there; I had to adjust it and double-knot it in order for it to be secured during soggy weather.  In the far background, my mom sits on a bench with my dear Grace running amok

I'm deeply enamoured with the depth of blue the sky can exhibit.  So tantalizingly vibrant! Above are two images of autumn scenes depicting the dying of blooms into wondrous seed-full fluff.  First is the Hardy Pampas Grass at the front of my home, and secondly is a grand display of thistle (a scratchy weed, to be sure, but elegant in its own way).

During a walk the other day, I came across a displaced Reggie's (local burger joint of yumminess) sign.  Grace found it first, and it was such a surprising find, that I almost dared to hope to find the Reggie's folks selling poutine nearby.  Alas, it wasn't to be.  But, the blue of the sign definitely made it more visible in the mass of greens & yellows surrounding it!

Do you have images of blue you'd like to share? Link to them in your comments! I'd love to see.

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