Strongpaw the Cat

Of whom doesn't often make appearances outside of her comfy chair or bed or couch (you get the idea).  Her name is Strongpaw, and she's my little bunny cat.

Here's my little bunbox in a Domino's Pizza box.  She likes to eat.

Here she is inspecting a box full of vintage goodies - she's got good taste.

She looks so pretty out amongst the garden grass.

Strongpaw, an unusual name to be sure, is a big kitty who is not entirely cuddly and yet has a belly that screams to be tickled (not that I attempt to do so without realizing my life is at stake).  She has a tendency to hiss when she really means to meow questioningly.


  1. Oh hello Strongpaw! Captain Hissypants!
    Much love, even if you won't let me pet you ^_^

  2. Aww Strongpaw! Brown tabbies are the best! ( I might be biased though:)


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