Tea & Blogs

Today, a few of my favourite people got together over for a Tea & Blogs date.  This was a way for my goddaughter, Astrid to learn from Desiree (the Blog Guru) all the ins and outs of starting up her very own blog.  It also gave our good friend Karen and myself a chance to learn more about blogging - we had tons of questions as well as notepads & pens; so studious!

As soon as I got the chance, I spent an hour fiddling with Buttercupped's layout and learning lots of editing tips via Blogger Buster.  I will continue working on Buttercupped's appearance, as I love delving into all the little layout details one can get into whilst working within the HTML.

I wish I had the forethought to bring my camera and commemorate our classroom (living room) studies.  It was a fully geeked out afternoon, made genial with the tea & homemade cinnamon buns (thanks Michele!).

I have also been taking many a photo of vintage goodies to add to my Etsy shop.  I got sidelined into doing artsy shots, like the one below - of a sweet vintage shiny kitty; she was a purrfect model.

A very buttercupped day, indeed!


  1. The new look is so fabulous -- it was a lovely afternoon spent with everyone! I'm so glad I could help you all!


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