Baking: first attempt at gluten-free muffins

Note: the only difference is the All Purpose gluten-free mixture of flour in the box.
This is a recipe I have memorized for well over a decade.  It's my standby: "Maid Marian Muffins"

Note: I do not put remaining chocolate chips on top of muffin, instead I put a full one cup of chipits into the mixture itself.

I'm a big believer in leveling the spoon measurements for baking. When a recipe calls for 1/2 tsp, I put in exactly that.

The batter was runnier and schloppier than normal.  It had also risen twice its size, which should have tipped me off to the Lesson Learned (below).

The end result: failure.
This was unexpected.  When I took the baked muffins out of the oven, they were flat and of a different texture than usual, which I anticipated.  I knew it wouldn't be light and fluffy, so that didn't surprise me.  But, where the failure was visible, was the attempt to take the muffin out of the tin! To my horror, it fell apart dramatically - crumpled uselessly! And they weren't edible in the least.


Lesson learned: If I had read the ingredients of this mixture more thoroughly, I would have known not to add more baking powder to the recipe (this mix already has baking powder added).

Note: Oats are not gluten-free, but I used 'em anyways just to be a brat.  Supposedly, though, there's uncontaminated oats which are made in a certified wheat-free production facility.

Bonus Blog:
How To Start Living Gluten-Free' at Karina's Kitchen is ever so helpful! As is her many baking recipes! I'm going to dig into her English Muffin recipe soon enough.



  1. Live & learn -- though I'm having a hard time believing that ANYTHING you make could be anything but delicious!!

  2. I should have brought you a muffin so you could eat those words! ;)
    Actually, they couldn't even be removed from the tins, so eating them was impossible. Unless you're a mouse ... they'd love these muffins.

  3. That came out wrong....try again,

    my experiences with gluten free eating is not the best...reminiscent of wall paper paste...I hope you prove me wrong:)


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