Brooches are the wave of the future!

I have a thing for vintage brooches.  It's become my main Want when I go thrift shopping.  I love how brooches can alter the vibe of an outfit.  When I want to be cheery, I wear my big yellow metal brooch.  Whimsical? I wear a Wonderlamb upcycled cashmere blossom brooch. For a dainty look, I now have this (above) delightful antique metal brooch - it's small and intricate.

Earlier this year, I did a TV spot for a local station (CHEX TV).  At the time, I was running an eco-friendly gift shop called Buttercup & Co., and we (myself and Chantilly of MyGirlThursday fame) were talking about upcycling/recycling and crafting.  My big quote on the TV segment was "brooches are the wave of the future!".  In hindsight, possibly a bit of a crazy statement, but it's how I feel about these little accessories.



  1. I just found a little brooch at VV and Steve bought it for me -- it's got a little gold frame with the TINIEST little embroidery on the inside! So sweet.


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