Creative Impulse

Downloading Poladroid was the best creative impulse I've had in a while.  Since I don't own a coveted real polaroid, this was the next best thing to create vintage scenes with my photography.  I love the '70s (my era) vibe!

Now I want to dig through my photo boxes and see if I can find some real polaroids from my childhood.  If I find any, I'll make sure to post them.

Above is a photo I took of my goddaughter Astrid (of which you can view more of these photos here) in a vintage silk dress.  The other subject is a favourite vintage find, in the form of a shiny kitty.  Both the kitty & Astrid are so photogenic!
Doing this digital creative exercise is the first step towards getting my hands dirty with paint & fabric & sewing & other handmade materials.  I have been bereft of artistic insipiration, so this feels pretty darn good! I just need to keep the inspiration alive.


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