Freedom from Gluten

It had to happen sometime, and so it has come to pass: I must give up all the yummy gluten-filled goodies I adore.  So long scrumptious scones from Black Honey.  Toodles to my favourite pancake recipe.  Bye-bye best mocha pound cake.  Hello to gluten-free baking, or rather the science of gluten-free baking.  Bonjour rice flour this and xanthan gum that.

The beginnings of replacing what's in my cupboard.

My new job is to try tons of different gluten-free alternatives and research this topic thoroughly (tackle it like a full on University degree).

It was easy to find gluten-free goods at Joanne's Place's, our local "alternative" grocery store.  It was also very expensive.  Note to self: find cheaper alternatives to the alternatives!

I can only hope this switch will not kill my joy of baking.  I've baked a certain way for a very very long time ... and it was frustrating back when I was wheat & sugar free to find a way to make things taste ... well, tasty.  And now this gluten-free conundrum has entered my happy baking life.

I tried out the Buckwheat pasta and am happy to report it will be an excellent replacement for my kamut pasta.  Ever so happy that this was an easy switch!  The Buckwheat bread is passable, as well, specially with peanut butter on it.  I can live with the non-wheat breads, although nothing compares with the fluffy softness of good old fashioned white bread (specially for an egg salad sandwich).

I need to stop with the misty-eyed memories of The Way We Were.  It's all about looking positively into the future with wide-eyed openness!


  1. Thankfully 'gluten free' is the new black - there's a ton out there -- you can probably find some kick ass gluten free cooking blogs to swoon over!!

  2. Oh! Speaking of gluten free blogs -- one of my fav baby food blogs has a list of gluten free blogs that I can show you!!
    1. http://www.glutenfreehomemaker.com/
    2. http://www.lifeglutenfree.com/
    3. http://glutenfree4goofs.wordpress.com/


  3. You can buy tonnes of bulk GF baking stuff at The Main. The packaged stuff is a little pricy, but the bulk stuff not so much.

  4. Thanks oodles for those links, Des! It's more difficult than I thought it would be, this GF thing, but thank goodness there's tons of online researching available!
    Plus: love "gluten free is the new black"!!

    Chantilly - I'll come over to Main Ingredient sometime this week (hopefully) to check out the bulk goodness! Thanks oodles for the knowledge.


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