A Harvest of Delights

A picturesque village called Welcome hosted a lovely & unique craft & art show this past weekend.  I was lucky enough to attend, and will be going back next year to both In a Garden & the Harvest shows that artist Kathryn McHolm's hosts.

I found out about this wonderful gathering via Smallbones Studio, where artisan Jane Weeks showcases her wonderful (the best!) 100% pure beeswax candles, 100% natural soaps & other eco-friendly delights.

Here's a visual landscape of my visit:

Smallbones: pure beeswax candles, all natural soaps, linen sprays, and so much more!

Textile artist Susan MacDonald: Wearable Art.

Wonderful pins made out of remnants from recycled sweaters. Peggy Mersereau also makes whimsical scarves, too! Here's a lovely earth-toned brooch I bought from Peggy.

Carrie Osborne creates wonderfully old-fashioned paper creations (scherenschnitte), pin-prick cards, tinwork, embroidery, crocheting, and so much more! Here's a precious crochet & pin-prick card I bought to frame.

There was always something visually stimulating to look at, even on the ceiling!

Host Kathryn McHolm has gorgeous watercolour paintings, cards, and other nature-inspired wonderments.

Note: The Textile Collective's 2nd Annual Show & Sale featuring Susan MacDonald, Peggy Mersereau, Susan Dods, Veronica Derry & Carmel Bouzanne will be held Sat & Sun Nov. 28 & 29, 2009 11am-5pm @ 22 Barrett St. Port Hope.  Contact Peggy at 905.885.6224 for further information.

Bonus: going to art & craft shows means you will get one-of-a-kind creations that are handmade and often out of natural or recycled materials.


  1. Great photos! Kathryn's place really is inspiring...I love going there. Thanks for this, Caren.

  2. Oh my word -- it's called WELCOME??
    Well, now that's just fantastic <3 So lovely!

  3. Desiree Fawn: Haven't you noticed the sign on the 401 that says "Welcome" (at Port Hope)? I used to think the Port Hope people were just being polite, but the Village of Welcome is just north of the 401. It's confusing, but so neat!

  4. Des - I know, eh? Welcome, who wouldn't want to visit? There's also Precious Corners that I think is just darn precious!

    Jane - I never take the highway, so never noticed that Welcome sign (I take back roads as often as possible); I think it's pretty nifty that there's a "Welcome" sign on the 401 ... it does sound so polite! :)


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