Vintage ties

I received a lovely box full of vintage ties from a friend of a friend. It was so much fun to go through the box of very 1960s-1970s ties. So many artful things can be made from these wonderfully unfashionable items. I'm thinking owl plushies might be good & possibly material for pretty bags.

It's always such a surprise to open a box; anticipate what you'll find! And in this box, I was so very pleased by their content.  They reminded me of my dad, quite a bit, as he used to wear ties very similar to these "back in the day".


  1. So rad! So pretty ^_^
    Maybe you can fashion one into a little Gretchen tie: http://seilifestyle.blogspot.com/2009/05/baby-tie-tutorial.html

  2. Oh my goodness! Could that be any cuter? Gretchen would rock a vintage tie ... I am so attempting this fun little project.


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