Baking: First Attempt at Gluten-Free Bread

I made my first ever bread today.  I've never attempted bread of any kind previously, nonetheless gluten-free, so started with a pre-mix by Pamela's - her GF Bread Mix - and did it in a bread machine (which is over 10 years old, and was my dad's).  I was a little nervous at first, thinking I needed a thermometer to make sure the water was the right temp (suggested by some resources), or that I didn't have the liquid amounts quite right, or that the yeast needed to be added in a special way.

Then I decided to just do it, and not get all hung up on the little details.  I asked my mom her opinion, since she used to bake bread all the time when she was first raising her kids.  Her comment was, "I never used a thermometer! Just use nicely warm water.", and "So what if you don't have a 2 Cup Measuring cup? Use the 4 Cup one.".  And yes, I did think I should do exactly what the bread making machine book told me to do.  I am ever so glad I listened to the mom instead, and just Did It.

About 3 and a 1/2 hours later, I had a freshly baked bread cooling on a rack.  Intense satisfaction made me glow (or was that the coffee?).  I waited the necessary 15 minutes to let it cool & then cut into it, putting a little butter on it for good measure.  And YUM! So tasty! And the texture was akin to a muffin or english muffins.  I was delighted! The sorghum & millet flours made it more earthy tasting, which I like.  It was dense, and somewhat gummy, but not in a bad way.

And all I had to do was add 3 liquid ingredients (oil, eggs, water) into the bread making receptacle, dump the bag of Pamela's Bread Mix in and then toss the yeast on top of that.  That's all I did.  Then push Start on the machine.  The only other thing I did was scrape down the sides of the receptacle during the mixing stage, just to make sure all of the ingredients got moistened.

Pamela's Products - I have tried 3 of her pre-mixes and have been thrilled with all of them (Baking & Pancake Mix, Chocolate Cake Mix, Bread Mix).
I think I'll attempt my own flour mix & try baking the old fashioned way.

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  1. Well now this just looks fantastic -- way to go, baking godess!


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