Bring it on, 2010!

As I say goodbye to 2009, a year of endings (goodbye, sweet Buttercup & Co.) and beginnings (hello, world of blog, twitter, & Etsy), I wanted to do a quick synopsis of what the last year meant to me:

Above: snapshot summing up 2009 quite nicely.
(sweet Grace is full of life's joie de vivre, while the rock she stands upon represents a witty antonym to that joy)

Above: this is me, or at least what I hope I will become one day (and no, not a little plastic toy - but yes, a seamstress! and to continue to create artistic pieces like the above).

Above: the requisite sheep, just because they're so cute & curly-cued.

Above: Me & my Gracie (and my Batman tshirt) - it's all gonna be okay. :)

Happy New Year, blogworld! May 2010 bring more peace, more laughter, more love into every day.


  1. Happy new year to my most favourite neighbour!!

  2. All the best, Caren. I feel in my pagan heart that 2010 is going to be the best ever for you!

  3. 2009 has brought a lot of sadness and times of great challenge into our lives.

    I lost Willow, and you lost Wolfie. I lost my job in North Carolina and you lost Buttercup -- (in form but not spirit).

    In North Carolina I finally felt as though I had life figured out --- I finally had a career, I had my own place -- I was learning more about myself and what I was capable of and then it was as though in the blink of an eye it was gone.

    Now I am in NY, just now getting back on my feet and being self sufficient again -- yet still living under my parents' roof (which I am grateful for their generosity, but disappointed at my dearth of advancement).

    I thought losing my job and my home and having to start from square -100 was horrible, but it did not even begin to compare to losing Willow.

    Before August of 2009, I was fortunate enough to have never lost someone really close to me to death -- I had lost friends that meant a great deal to me -- but I was always comforted by the fact that they were still alive and that they were happy. I had never "truly" lost someone. And then I lost someone that my world orbited around and nothing compares to it.

    This got me thinking to what you must have been going through (or at least the very tip of the iceburge of what you must have been going through) when you lost your father many years ago, I did my best to try and imagine what you were going through -- but having never suffered that magnitude of lost I hadn't a clue. I am sorry that I did not have the perspective and insight then that I have now. I am sorry that I didn't truly and fully grasp the pain that you were enduring and how it doesn't lessen or fade away -- rather you just adapted to accepting it and dealing with it -- but that it stays with you every day. I am sorry I didn't know that then, and that I wasn't there for you more and continually -- letting you know that you weren't alone.

    I wish the following for you -- for 2010 and beyond....
    I wish that you always have a gracey to hug
    I wish that you always have buttercup in your heart and your soul
    I wish that you always have people surrounding you who make you feel loved, appreciated, needed and safe
    I wish you a rainbow for every storm
    I wish you a solution for every problem
    I wish you an open window for every closed door
    I wish you the best of everything....
    a friend from time past


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