Buttercupped wishes you a magical Christmas!

Sending out wintry Christmas wishes to all the Buttercupped readers!

And let's not forget Grace, antlers and all, wishing you all the best:

Gracie was my inspiration for homemade Christmas greetings this year:
(I did an ink drawing of Grace wearing those silly antlers, scanned it, printed it on pretty paper & then stitched the cut out image onto vintage fabric with a layer of quilting batting in between.)

Homemade gifts and/or cards make a wonderful gift, for both the giver and the one receiving it. I get such joy over creating something each year to give to friends, normally in the form of a Christmas card (last year I used crayons & paper to create 3D owls sitting on a tree) and baked goods.  I didn't get around to baking this year, but hope to do something post-Christmas - because it's always a good time to celebrate cookies & cakes!  

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