First Snowfall

I celebrated our town's first snowfall by stomping in my backyard (wearing summer shoes, nonetheless) and taking pictures.  It's made me realize that I need to put away my outdoor cafe set, and clean up the seasonal planters.  Oops! 
It's been an odd in-between time in this Ontario town, not having any snow during the month of November.  I'm not complaining, though! It's just funny how such an elongated autumn season has made me lazy in winterizing my backyard.
I love the first snowfall of the season.  And I think it's pretty cool that it happened on December 1st.
I already know that a month from now, I probably won't be so happyhappy about snow ... but right now, it's magical and bright.
PS - I am so glad I planted that Juniper shrub in the fall; it looks so pretty with the snow on it!

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  1. I was SOOOOOOOOOO happy to see snow this morning -- even if it's all gone now :(


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