Picked up my glasses today, and feeling smarter already!

I heart eye-fashion! They're the perfect accessory.

p.s. In the background of this photo is a snippet of an awesome piece of art by Lucky Jackson.  Visit her Etsy shop and be prepared to ooh and ahh! I love the use of vintage fabrics & embroidery in her work, plus she herself is equally retro-chic adorable!


  1. I often wish I wore glasses -- I must say, I look damn good in them -- as do you!!!

  2. i dont know where you bought this pair, but there are really nice similar ones here www.eyebuydirect.com, check for example these products : B61449, Haystack, mara.

    actualy in general EyeBuyDirect.com has cheap fashionable frames, and all of them you can get by the way with lenses that has no prescription :)
    it looks much better than going with no lenses at all ;)

  3. Cute glasses! They are a great choice! :)


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