Organic Fair Chocolate

I am a lucky girl.  I found myself a chocolate bar of momentous porportions (in taste, not size).  I used to sell these chocolate bars in my eco-chic boutique, Buttercup & Co.  The shop is now closed, but I must have had the foresight to tuck 3 remaining Organic Fair chocolate bars aside.  I found them tonight, on Halloween.  Kinda perfect, no?

Delectible.  Canadian.  Organic.  Fair Trade.  Rich dark real chocolate.  Hazelnuts.  Blueberries.  Need I say more?

Seriously, I could only eat 3 little pieces and that was that.  So rich! So divine!

Bonus: gluten-free for those who need to know.  Plus I was told by a vegan friend that some of them are vegan as well.

I also have their Canadiana and Purist bars left.  Ah! Joy!


Baking: Shortbread Chocolate Chip Cookies

(yes, the cookie dough is this lickable...)

My (famous) chocolate chip cookie recipe.  It's from a church recipe book of the '80s, which is plum full of many a delicious idea.  Good Lord, but those Christians sure do know how to bake! These cookies are by far the best of the batch.  They melt in your mouth (sometimes falling apart before they get there).  Best of all, it's the best darn cookie dough this side of the ... the ... Lake Ontario? The point is, my friends, they're delectable.

The best tip I can give you to make these the best they can be, is to mix the batter between every addition of ingredient.  This ensures total absorption of sugars and makes for the lightest of batter.  I usually add about a cup of chocolate chipits.  And then use a spoon to deliver said batter to the cookie sheet.

Happy baking!


Strongpaw the Cat

Of whom doesn't often make appearances outside of her comfy chair or bed or couch (you get the idea).  Her name is Strongpaw, and she's my little bunny cat.

Here's my little bunbox in a Domino's Pizza box.  She likes to eat.

Here she is inspecting a box full of vintage goodies - she's got good taste.

She looks so pretty out amongst the garden grass.

Strongpaw, an unusual name to be sure, is a big kitty who is not entirely cuddly and yet has a belly that screams to be tickled (not that I attempt to do so without realizing my life is at stake).  She has a tendency to hiss when she really means to meow questioningly.


the colour blue

A recurrent theme will be the colour blue.  It's my favourite colour, and as there are so many shades of blue, it can never be tiresome.  It is also suitable to my emotional rating today, that of feeling a little blue.  So, to perk myself up, I dedicate this post to Blue!

The blue ribbon I tied around a tree a couple of weeks ago still resides there; I had to adjust it and double-knot it in order for it to be secured during soggy weather.  In the far background, my mom sits on a bench with my dear Grace running amok

I'm deeply enamoured with the depth of blue the sky can exhibit.  So tantalizingly vibrant! Above are two images of autumn scenes depicting the dying of blooms into wondrous seed-full fluff.  First is the Hardy Pampas Grass at the front of my home, and secondly is a grand display of thistle (a scratchy weed, to be sure, but elegant in its own way).

During a walk the other day, I came across a displaced Reggie's (local burger joint of yumminess) sign.  Grace found it first, and it was such a surprising find, that I almost dared to hope to find the Reggie's folks selling poutine nearby.  Alas, it wasn't to be.  But, the blue of the sign definitely made it more visible in the mass of greens & yellows surrounding it!

Do you have images of blue you'd like to share? Link to them in your comments! I'd love to see.


Tea & Blogs

Today, a few of my favourite people got together over for a Tea & Blogs date.  This was a way for my goddaughter, Astrid to learn from Desiree (the Blog Guru) all the ins and outs of starting up her very own blog.  It also gave our good friend Karen and myself a chance to learn more about blogging - we had tons of questions as well as notepads & pens; so studious!

As soon as I got the chance, I spent an hour fiddling with Buttercupped's layout and learning lots of editing tips via Blogger Buster.  I will continue working on Buttercupped's appearance, as I love delving into all the little layout details one can get into whilst working within the HTML.

I wish I had the forethought to bring my camera and commemorate our classroom (living room) studies.  It was a fully geeked out afternoon, made genial with the tea & homemade cinnamon buns (thanks Michele!).

I have also been taking many a photo of vintage goodies to add to my Etsy shop.  I got sidelined into doing artsy shots, like the one below - of a sweet vintage shiny kitty; she was a purrfect model.

A very buttercupped day, indeed!


Sunday Smile

Grace running through the leaves at full speed makes me smile.


The beginning of a Sunday special?

I've realized, now that I've started this blogging process, that it helps to have focus in what is blogged about.  I am now attempting to figure out what those focuses would be.  Obviously, Grace is a focus ... how could she not? ... and baking (joy!).  Nature, naturally.  I'd also like to focus on vintage goodness, as I'm in the process of opening an Etsy vintage shop (The Vintage Apartment).  Art will somehow get involved, too, as is its way.

But, how to focus all these loves? I admit, I'm not necessarily the most tunnel-visioned girl out there.  I tend to let my mind wander, and get distracted by little things (birds, flowers, sky, dog, cat, chipmunks!, cookies... you get the idea).  I am leaning towards having a couple of days a week dedicated to a certain offering - whether that be vintage love, baking, books, crafting ... who knows! I know I don't, yet.

Perhaps I'll start, though, with something for a sunny Sunday.  Perhaps this will be a start of something concrete.  Sunny Sundays? Sunday Smile? Silent Sunday? Obviously, I'm a fan of alliteration!

A little something I saw in a parking lot whilst grocery shopping.  It made my day!

Smile on!


a blue ribbon on an autumn day...

Autumn.  It's so full of vibrant moments! For this past Thanksgiving (for us Canadians) weekend, I took many walks with Gracie: soaking in the colours. It's easy to find thanks on days like these:

I found a lost blue ribbon, and decided it needed to be tied around one of my favourite trees:

I hope you get to enjoy these whimsical days of Autumn, too, while they last! Already, I can feel winter coming in the winds.


the blue ball

Grace wanted to me to play with her and her blue ball today.  It was a gloriously perfect autumn day, so we all lounged on the deck to soak up the sun & fall colours.
ps: the blue ball was a gift to Grace from her 'cousin' Cleo, a blue heeler, which is why the blue ball is as big as Grace's head (actually, bigger than her head)



Baking: Banana Cupcake Muffins

Banana Cupcake Muffins: a photographic journey:

This recipe was brought into the family in 1978 (via Saudi Arabia, nonetheless, but that's another story) ... I know I'll never bother with any other recipe but that which I grew up on.  I love the original recipe card it was written on & how it's been written on by others (ignore the margarine & the sugar substitutions - 1/2 cup butter & 1 cup sugar is best!).



a beginning for a buttercupped girl...

...this is my first blog post, ever. I have visions of being a prolific blogger; sharing anecdotes & photos of happy moments. These visions are, of course, fanciful and full of vivid colour and many smart verbiage. We'll see just how colourful & smart this girl can be.

I figure it's good to begin in the now. Today, feeling a little under the weather and quite exhausted from a full week, I decided to scoop up my dog (Grace, whom you will see much of on this blog) and seek out adventure. Here's some photographic evidence of our adventures:

Grace is the little dog: she met a new dog Lucy but then got shy & attempted to climb my leg & then went on to chase many birds - non-stop adventures!

All in all, it was a lovely outing. Just what a girl needed to get out of her head. It is now time for tea and cookies; a necessity for any buttercupped* moment.


*buttercupped: (verb)

  1. to be immersed in vintage goodness
  2. to be served tea & cookies & be listened to
  3. to feel happy; or to be made to feel happy