Be My Valentine: New @ The Vintage Apartment

Here's my Be My Valentine photographs. I had included them, for a short time, on my Etsy shop. I know, what does that have to do with a vintage apartment? Well, love sits well anywhere and these photos are inspired by vintage kitsch. That's how! Plus, I've been itching to add some of my own creative outlets to my shop, and I thought with Valentine's Day fast approaching, these cute little photos would be a nice addition. It was fun to pick out the right candy heart to go with the corresponding toy! Gawd, I'm such a kid! :)

I have tons of these cute little Hello Kitties, dressed up in different animal outfits. Cuteness abounds! Total cupcake love.

I dug out my old Fisher Price toys, and lo and behold there was the motorcycle! Glee! I was inspired by Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (the comic book, not the movie).

Ah, Love! Simple statement, what more needs to be said?

Note: my sassy red kitty wanted to be a part of the photo shoot; I couldn't blame her.
Update: I have since removed all of the Be My Valentine photos from my Etsy shop. Perhaps they'll resurface in another form or in a new Etsy shop that's dedicated to my creative outlets. :)

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  1. perfect!! they are super adorable. I am glad to see that someone else is enjoying a little valentines day crafting:) I bought a heart shaped punch yesterday...I will show some results on my blog shortly<3


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