Etsy Treasury: Black White Yellow

Current Etsy Treasury: Black White Yellow (a spot of sunshine):

Inspired by my current obsession with bright cheerful yellow. It pops more, though, against the neutrality of a classic black & white backdrop.

Note: I was flipping through a magazine and caught sight of a Covergirl ad featuring one of my favourite actresses, Drew Barrymore - this time in a stunning Black White Yellow combination! I then located the following photo without all the advertising mumbo jumbo ... just pure Drew in a bright crisp yellow:

I need to photoshoot my apartment's yellow bits. I didn't realize just how much yellow adorned the corners of my home. It shouldn't be such a surprise, I am the one who chose to paint my old shop a bright buttercup yellow afterall!
~a buttercup girl

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  1. Oh gosh, I love Drew. Just saw her on the haiti telethon <3So much love!


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