Etsy Treasury: She Loves Nature

My first ever Etsy Treasury! I am quite excited about it, as it takes such patience (& a little luck) to get a spot on the very popular Treasury section. I had better luck on the Treasury West, which is where my lovingly chosen art picks are found.

She Loves Nature (have you hugged a tree today?) is the name of this Treasury. I love every piece I chose - specially chosen for the way nature is merged with the image of a girl. The use of colour was important too, and I love how much neutral tones are merged with splashes of serious colour.

I hope you get a chance to see it 'live' on Etsy (until time runs out 2 days from now).

I did not realize what a rush it was, btw, to actually catch an empty slot on the Treasury! I might be hooked.


  1. Thanks for including one of my works! Love the treasury! :)

  2. Ooh la la! Thanks for including me!
    I've NEVER been able to snag a Treasury spot of my own like this -- how fab!

  3. So happy I could include both of you in that artful Treasury! :)

    Des - it took me being bed-ridden for 3 days to finally snag that spot. Possibly being jacked into your computer 24/7 helps too. Oy. Not sure I'll be able to repeat the luck.


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