Feeling Crafty: a Thank You note

Last week, the coveted mushroom teapot sold at my Etsy shop The Vintage Apartment. It happened on my birthday, so that was even more sweet. I quickly (and safely!) packaged the precious cargo, and created a happy little thank you note to go along with the teapot. I created a polaroid-style photograph of the teapot & used an old 4x6 cue card to write the note in (making a window to fit the photo). I then glued the cue card onto some lovely textured brown scrapbook paper. Voila!

I even doodled a little mushroom! :)

Cat & Dog are entirely off-topic, but aren't they cute?! My own little mushrooms who love it when I leave lots of blankets on the couch (but rarely are they together on said couch).

I love doing the little crafty thank you notes for each individual sale. Gives me a chance to be creative, and hopefully will give the receiver an extra smile.

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  1. So special!! I would be a pretty happy buyer to get such special treatment ;)


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