Flowers Really Do Make a Girl Feel Loved

I was sent the above stunning floral arrangement from a good friend (Leigh, you'll never know how much these meant to me, 'cause if I went on about it you'd tell me to shut up) because she knew I was having a rough time of late. Knowing someone took the time to send me flowers perked me up & made me feel better about Life.

Moral of this story? If you think someone you know is having a rough time of it, send them flowers. They may not last forever, but the moment those flowers arrive at their door you can be assured a joyful smile will answer the door. It may be a corny or indulgent gesture ... but for some reason, it truly does make a girl feel loved.

I'll pass this lesson learned to a friend in need someday, so don't be surprised if one of you get flowers when you're feeling down & I'm aware of it.
PS: The sprig of white hydrangea in the arrangement above has caused a surge of love for that flower ... might need to plant a shrub in the spring.

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  1. Congrats on your first sale! Whoohoo! Best of luck to you!


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