Hanging out with Bettie, Cat & Dog

My Tuesday was supposed to be put aside for 3 things: Cleaning Baking & Crafting. So far, only baking has been done. Also added a couple new items to The Vintage Apartment, which is always a good thing. Mostly, been hanging out with the cat & dog and eating freshly baked muffins.

My "I'm going to clean the apartment" look... which is not working for me, 'cause I still haven't done any cleaning. (wearing a Bettie by Olivia mens tee that I altered into a more feminine version)

I love Bettie Page. I have a long history with this pinup queen! I miss my old Bettie site... may need to do a new one.

Strongpaw loves her leopard print ... peek-a-boo!

Gracie is diggin' the new bamboo teal throw almost as much as I am!

And there you have it. My day of cleaning averted by all things Bettie, puppy, kitten & baking.
How are you escaping cleaning your home? ;)


  1. Caren you are adorable! We need to have a tea date sometime VERY soon!

  2. I concur! Tea date soon! Maybe even on my birthday (which is fast-approaching, oh my!)?
    ps - I knew you'd dig the Bettie references :)


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