Happiness is: Vintage Table & Mug

Yesterday was a pre-birthday celebration with my dear friend Michele & my goddaughter Astrid. Not only did we eat at my favourite breakfast joint (Starlite Dining Lounge) but we also thrift-shopped at my equally favourite Sally Ann. I was in my glory. I left with BAGS full of goodies, both for myself (I'm allowed to be self-indulgent - it's almost my birthday!) and for my Etsy shop.

The last thing I picked up as I was heading out was a fabulous vintage ('60s or early '70s) telephone table. I was so smitten, and really needed a side table for my living room, that I bought it without a 2nd thought. So happy am I!

The yummy butterscotch colour of the vinyl & faux wood, as well as the delicate bronze wire work are a perfect match to my '60s couch.

I also came home with this lovely glass pedestal mug, perfect for my "poor man's latte'!

Close up of the textured acorn design. Love!

It will take may posts to get through all the vintage goodness that I hunted that glorious pre-birthday day. I never need to thrift again! (okay, that was an overstatement... but definitely not for a whole week or two!).

Coming soon: 1960s Mary Tyler Moore style wedding dress (dreamy!)
~the soon-to-be-birthday-girl caren

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  1. Cool, cool, WAY TOO COOL.
    I'm very excited about your birthday tomorrow ^_^ Do you have anything special planned?


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