Packaged with Delight... and a Cat

I made my first sale on my new Etsy shop on January 1st, 2010. Pretty darn cool start to the new year, yes? I was so delighted, and couldn't wait to get those pretty vintage cordial glasses off to the post office.

I love packaging things up. I like to use recycled materials, which I luckily have lots of (bubble wrap, boxes, wrapping paper, etc). They aren't wrapped up like birthday presents due to these recycled materials, which sometimes I bemoan. I might revamp things and attempt to prettify a bit more in the future. But I digress!

I let my creativity & need for pretty things come through with the thank you note I made to go along with the package. Using some handmade paper, a bit of vintage material, some embroidery thread, a vintage button & a wonderful new gadget friends gave me for Christmas (Martha Stewart paper punch) - I made this:

And then I wrapped the not-so-pretty box in kraft paper:

All the while, my dear cat Strongpaw overlooked the procedure (going as far as to ensure the box was sturdy enough):

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  1. Oh what a nice little detail to add to your package -- that's the best part about getting Etsy packages! The little bits of love!


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