Style School: Photo Wall Art

I am so happy that I finally found a way to display some of my favourite photos. Last autumn, my goddaughter Astrid & I did an awesome vintage-inspired photo shoot. I took tons of photos of Astrid wearing different vintage dresses (the robin egg blue dress was my mom's!). I've always wanted to display them in a creative way, but could never think of exactly how.  Style School presented an idea, and I took off with it.

I used a photo album frame (12x12) that I had (well, I have many actually!), but decided to use fabric as the matting.  This inspired stitching each photo to the fabric.  I do believe it's become my signature - combining sewing/fabric and photos/prints.

I used Poladroid to create the faux polaroid technique of the photos above; then printed them 2 to each 4x6 photo paper sheet. I used my sewing machine to stitch each photo onto the fabric. Then hand-stitched the scattering of buttons on the bottom corner.  I ended up glue-gunning the fabric to the frame's backing just to make sure it stays put.  I also chose not to use glass, as the glare was too much & I prefer to have textile-related art "breathe".

I also wanted to use words, as the photographs themselves spoke to me of emotion.  The text reads as follows:

"she is / longing / for joy
waiting / to be / found"

I was inspired first and foremost by the creative energy surrounding the photo shoot Astrid & I did; by the clothes themselves & the atmosphere in which the photos were taken.  I had done the "faux polaroid" technique months ago, but never knew how to complete the look.

And now, voila! My first piece of photo/poetic art framed! (thank you for the push, Style School!)

It does not come easily, this creative outlet.  For some, perhaps, it does happen naturally and with ease. For myself, not so much. I tend to curse a little and get impatient. But, it's a process - and the process is definitely worth it. I felt completion at the end of this project.

Does art/craft come easily to you? If not, how do you work through the process?


  1. !! This is SO RAD.
    Holy crap Caren!!

  2. Tee hee I LOVE this!!!! What photos did you use?


  3. This is wonderful! Congratulations on DOING it! The inspiration for crafts comes constantly...the actual MAKING is another story...finding the patience....the scissors....just the right ingredient....thank you for sharing the process as well as the finished project!

  4. i think like anything, creating comes and goes, usually with inspiration. when i find i'm struggling, i try and step back and look around me a little. amazing what can inspire you on a normal day :)

    thank you so much for sharing. the buttons are a great touch.


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