Sunday Smile

Baubles! How I love pretty vintage baubles! I just got the biggest, chunkiest, most colourful vintage necklace I could find, and am in love with it:

I got the above necklace from Uncommon Vintage

Below: a few big bauble necklaces I came across on Etsy:

These big vintage baubles make me smile!


  1. Oh Caren! Thank you so much for including my necklace in this post! I LOVE the necklace you have on! Thanks again.

  2. This is awesome! thanks for sharing - I'm thrilled to be included. xo, jess (jamesjake)

  3. I totally can't pull of a necklace like that -- but you TOTALLY rock it!

  4. They are lovely! I can't wear statement necklaces - apart from my beloved string of pearls - but they look great on you.


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