Sunday Smile

Today's Sunday Smile is brought to you by deedee9:14 - it's all about blog love!

The Vintage Apartment's first ever ad! I am super impressed with deedee9:14's blog - design-wise & content-wise.  Bonus: she generously offered free ad spots! So I did up a little 120x120 ad, and whilst doing so decided I needed to upgrade my Etsy shop's banner:
I love design work, and having an outlet like TVA and this blog helps keep me sane (artistically speaking, anyways!).
Bonus: TVA has 4 sales now, all in January. It's a good start, and a good end to January.
Hello February!


  1. Oh neato!!

    ps. Hope you're starting to feel better!!

  2. Deedees blog is how I came upon your shop and blog! Loved your ad. It was my first click in the line up. Drew my eye. ;)



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