Felt the need to be creative whilst preparing some lovely organic jasmine green tea earlier today.
So out came the camera!

A darling vintage milkglass mug completed the sweetness of the moment: "sprinkle with kindness, and friendship will grow" (with a Holly Hobby-esque girl named Daisy on the other side)

Merged old with new; the new being a Stump teapot by For Life Design (used to sell these sweet stumpy teapots Buttercup & Co. - best little teapot!)

That is all the energy (currently doing serious battle with an inner ear issue) I had to output today; teatime. It was a moment of pleasure that I am glad I captured on film.

I hope you find pleasure in some small task today!


  1. sorry to hear that you are sick- ear infections are the worst. get better.

  2. cutest little mug!
    all that tea will certainly help you on your road to recovery <3


  3. tea IS love:) get better soon!! I miss you!


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