Thursday Thriftshop Therapy

I was in need of some serious thriftshop therapy! If there was a newspaper article about how bad I needed to thrift shop, the title would read "Woman Desperate For the Thrill of Thrifting".

I finally had enough energy to do a quickie Sally Ann outing this afternoon. And boy howdy, was I ever thrilled with what I picked out.
The above vintage enamel brooch was the last thing I picked up. Brooches make me so happy!
The above two cream & orange lovelies were a treat to the eye, and will probably end up at The Vintage Apartment soon! (they remind me of autumn, my favourite time of year)
The above children's book from the '50s was such a fun find. I love the art; all the critters and colour! This will be a source of inspiration to me for my own art.
Gracie doesn't enjoy my little photo shoots, and this time she brought her Snake right into the set to make sure she got some attention.

So very glad I ventured out for some thriftshop therapy today!
Did you get to do something that soothed the soul today, too?


  1. Boy did you ever score! I love the brooch! And children's books are a big influence for me too when it comes to my art.
    What did I do today to soothe my soul? I played with my babe, made a delicious soup and went to the gym.

  2. I am very envious of your brooch find...I have been art journaling to soothe this stressed out soul


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