No, not that kind of witch!
This Witch is magic, though - it's shiny red made-in-Germany plastic goodness magically threads your sewing needle!

I came across this wonderful creation at my local pharmacy (one of those old-fashioned types that's been around for over 50 years); I noticed it amongst their household goods section & immediately swooned. I had to have it (thank you, birthday gift giver who bestowed the powers of the Witch upon me!):

And yes, Grace had to be a part of it all by gleefully taking off with the hot pink thread I was using. I didn't get mad, though, 'cause she looked so cute with the spool of pink in her mouth!

Now I no longer have to poke myself or squint too hard to get that pesky thread through that tiny eye of the needle. I loves my new (actually, research shows this is vintage) Witch!

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  1. Oh this is SO COOL. And it's German. So it's EVEN COOLER ^_^


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