And She Cried: "Let Them Eat Cake!"

She uncovered the plate with such delight

And found it's a heart-shaped world

With glittering morsels of adoration

Sparkling down upon her

And she cried: "Let them eat cake!"

Update: I felt it was important to remove the recipe I had originally listed for this gluten-free chocolate cake. I was never given permission to share the recipe, and until I do, I didn't feel quite right broadcasting it.  I must remember that blogging means Going Public! Contact me if you really want the recipe for this divine cake, though - I used a gluten-free flour mix, but am sure it can be created with basic all purpose flour.

P.S. I used a very much-loved butter icing recipe, which has been passed down from grandmother-mother-daughter-grandchildren. It's the best, and I can share that with you:

Old Fashioned Butter Icing:
(note: I do not use any measuring utensils when creating this...)

About 2-3 Cups Icing Sugar (i.e. Powdered Sugar)
About 1/2 TSP. Vanilla
About 1/4 Cup (or more!) Softened Butter (either room temp. or microwave for 15-20 seconds, but do not melt it)
Small Splash of Milk (really, I just add a small splash - if it's too dry, I add more)

Here's how I do it:
I put the softened butter in a mixing bowl & use an electric hand mixer to soften it even further. I add the vanilla & cream it again. I then add the icing sugar, about 2 cups, and mix it into the butter & vanilla mixture.  I then add a splash of milk, and test the consistency.  At this point, I'll add more milk, icing sugar, butter and/or vanilla until the icing tastes just so.

I realize the above is the least professional recipe a girl can give, but sometimes winging it makes for the best results! Oh, and then I added a couple of drops of red food colouring into the icing to create that perfect pink.

Note: heart-shaped pan that the cake was baked in, was a delightful surprise gift from a dear friend (thank you Michele!). xox


  1. Looks so glorious! Thanks for such mouth watering recipe. I will make it at my wedding anniversary. Good recipe as a treat.


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