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I just (as in a few minutes ago) found out about an amazing young woman named Lauren aka Celiac Teen. I read a wonderful article on Maggie's blog 'She Let Them Eat Cake'. I felt it necessary to blog-it-forward. I think you'll see why when you read Maggie's interview & visit Lauren's blog.

A snippet of the interview Maggie did with Lauren - about living gluten-free & blogging:

"M: If you were giving advice to a friend (someone your age) what would you tell them is the most important thing about a) living gluten-free and b) starting a blog.
L: When it comes to living gluten-free, it doesn’t have to be hard. You can make just about anything as good or better than the wheat equivalent. Just don’t cheat. If you cheat, you’re hurting yourself, not just now but for years to come.
For starting a blog, make sure it’s about something you love and are really interested in. Let it grow naturally and keep at it!"

One of the amazing things that made me want to blog about Lauren, is that she created an e-book of gluten-free recipes to raise funds for the people of Haiti. The generosity of the people involved, and the passion of Lauren to conceptualize the e-book amazes & humbles me. I immediately purchased the downloadable e-book, and am excited to learn some new gluten-free recipes - and that it will, in some small way, help people in need makes it feel so very good.

Please visit Celiac Teen's fundraising project, and perhaps buy yourself a little cookbook (whether you're gluten-free or not, these recipes are so yummy!) & give a helping Hand For Haiti:

Thank you, Maggie & Lauren, for your educational blogs. I have learned something, and that is always something I strive to do.

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  1. Thanks Caren! I hope you'll post about your experiences with the ebook!


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