Etsy Front Page Love + CraftCult HeartoMatic

The Vintage Apartment was featured on Etsy's Front Page today, between 6pm-7pm EST.  Thanks to a unique, hometown-vibe Treasury by Karl over at Half Pint Salvage (check out his blog, too!), my 'Pretty in Pastel Vintage Sugar Cups' made it to the Front Page of Etsy.

Now, to those of you who aren't a part of the world of Etsy, you have no idea what I'm talking about. I realize that. You'll find lots of Etsy Treasuries that I've put together here on this blog (as I like to screen-capture them & do a little post about them).  Etsy is a wonderful online community dedicated to artisans (creating hand made goods) & for vintage hunters & buyers (like me). Treasuries are mini art shows, in a way, where anyone who is an Etsy member can be the creator (or curator).  The peeps at Etsy then peruse these Treasuries & pick an odd one to focus on the front page. And instant fame happens.

Now, thanks to a nifty little site called Craft Cult, an Etsy seller can keep track of how much action his/her Etsy shop is getting. We do this by using Craft Cult's 'Heart-o-Matic'.  I check nearly every day, to see what type of traffic my shop is getting.

And, thanks to Craft Cult's ability to track whether our Etsy shop has made it to the Front Page, I was able to screen capture lots of data. And I'm sharing it with you.

Above: Half Pint Salvage's Etsy Treasury (you'll see my sugar cups 2nd row, far right)

Above: Craft Cult's data about the Front Page featured 'Pretty in Pastel Vintage Sugar Cups' action as of Feb. 23, 2010.

Above: Heart-o-Matic's data for The Vintage Apartment. Shows you how many total page views I received in a 24 hour period (the 1007 count is thanks to being on the Front Page!)

So, if you're a fellow Etsy seller, go & play with the Heart-o-Matic. It's fun & educational!

Thanks to Karl for making such a cool Treasury, and helping The Vintage Apartment get its first playtime on the Front Page.


  1. YAY!!! I might have to do my own little blog, if only for myself.

    Cheers, beautiful!! Thank you for bringing more joy into my life via Twitter and your blogging world. I'm so grateful to have brushed shoulders with you and so many other wonderful people.

    Take care and consider yourself hugged like crazy!


  2. Get it, girl! And great article about how cool Craft Cult is--really helpful! Thanks for the nod too.

  3. Christina - ditto on everything you said! {hug} You're fabulous!
    Karl - you're pretty fab, too!


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