Etsy Treasury: Do you believe in Unicorns?

Etsy Treasury: Do you believe in Unicorns?

Well, do you believe in Unicorns? I do!
And as I made a point of mentioning on the Treasury, don't forget to bring your rainbow polaroid when you go searching for Unicorns - it's the only camera that will capture them! (little known fact)

I realize that with all the blog posts I do for the Etsy Treasuries I create, I should list the links to each item. So, starting now, I will do exactly that.
  1. Baby Unicorn Print
  2. U is for Unicorn wooden block
  3. Ethereal Innocence crown
  4. 1970s Unicorn top
  5. Pet Hat - Unicorn
  6. Unicorn 8x10 print
  7. Novelty Unicorn S&P shakers
  8. Me and my Unicorn print
  9. Vintage Sanrio mini stationary set (the inspiration behind it all! This shop is filled with retro '80s childhood memories)
  10. Take that leap of faith print
  11. the Polaroid One Step (rainbow!)
  12. Vintage golden Unicorn

I love creating Treasuries on Etsy. I pretend I'm a curator, and carefully pick & choose with pieces I hang on the virtual shelf.


  1. I love this treasury! Thank you for including our unicorn! xo


  2. Nice :)
    Great blog, thanks for the link!

  3. Hello Emily & Sue, my fellow Etsians! - thanks for the posts :)

    Unicorns really are the sweetest thing...

  4. that's such a cute treasury! i wish i'd gotten here to see it sooner :)


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