Grace Turns Three (A Puppy Love Story)

A birthday ode to my dog Grace, of whom has been in many-a-blog-post here at Buttercupped...

This was taken the day I brought Grace home, in May of 2007. She was about 12 weeks old.  We bonded immediately. I could not deny this darling lass; up until that moment I only had room for cats.

Grace got really pooped during an extra long walk when she was but a wee one, so I carried her in a makeshift sling (puppy-wearer!). Obviously, I was never much for dog training.

How could I possibly NOT have her sleep with me? Good lord. The whole crate-training thing went out the window as soon as I realized how adorable it is to sleep with a puppy curled up next to you.

Taken today, on her 3rd birthday. All grown up and wearing a vintage beaded necklace. She takes after me!

I seriously never thought I'd own a dog (or a dog would own me!), but here I am! A crazy dog lady, who actually put a necklace on her dog in order to take a cute photo. I take copious amounts of photographs of Grace. However, I don't dress Grace up or carry her around in a dog purse. I ain't no Paris Hilton. Plus, Grace finds clothing embarrassing & prefers to be au naturale.  I do tend to spoil her, as I'll never have another dog; she's the only one for me.

For the past year, since she turned 2, Grace has had regular grand mal seizures.  She doesn't get them everyday, but they're regular enough to be freaky-scary, and I worry about her. But, she's a healthy little mutt who'll live a long time I'm sure. Fun-loving, silly, overly kissy & just a wonderful character. Grace lightens up most people's lives. She's been a balm to my soul, when I've really needed it.

Grace has been pretty lucky in her doggy lifestyle. Ever since I got her, she's been able to be at work with me. First, whilst working at a dog boutique shop called Hot Diggity Dog. Then when I opened my own shop, Buttercup & Co., she was the store greeter (she took her job very seriously).  Now, I work from home so once again, she gets to 'go to work' with me. Spoiled little pooch.

Grace is three-times the mutt: mother was a Daschund x Pug & her daddy was a very horny little Chihuahua. Her best friend is a giant amongst dogs (or at least Terriers) - an Airedale named Max. The two of them are bosom buddies:

Grace & Max on an outdoor adventure. Max is my goddaughter Astrid's beloved pooch.

Happy Birthday, Grace Audrey Adams! (named after Grace Kelly & Audrey Hepburn)
~caren, a girl who has fur babies in lieu of the human version


  1. I said the same thing about Gidget, my Maltese. But quickly she was sleeping with me every night, stealing part of my pillow.

  2. Thanks Des! Gave Gracie your birthday wishes! :)

    Travelbunny - I'm enjoying your blog (share similar tastes - note: 'Away We Go', chocolate & 'Chocolat')


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