Happiness is: Random Snacking

So, I was happily snacking on a little Sprite & a handfull of Barbara's Bakery Original Cheese Puffs (a special treat for when I'm a really good girl) when I realized how pretty my snack was. Obviously, I had to photograph it:

The mixture of orange & blue made me ponder the prettiness of it all. And the vintage goodness, too! The Florida juice cup was thrifted, as was the pretty little blue rose bowl. The butterfly vintage table runner was a gift, as was the gorgeous Mid Century orange decor piece tucked behind.

I marvel at how something so simple as having a wee afternoon snack can make you pause & see the beauty. I hope this ability to see the small stuff will always creep up on me.
Now, to finish eating my snack!


  1. I always love posts like this. A lil look into your lifestyle.

  2. it is fun to peek into the day-in-the-life of someone - see if there's something similar or something wildly different from one's own day-to-day. :)


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