Happiness is: a vintage teak & acrylic magazine rack!

I was the lucky winner of deedee9:14's glorious vintage giveaway. The prize? A stunning Danish Modern teak & transparent smoke-coloured acrylic magazine rack. Ohhh la la!
It arrived today, in all its teakfulness!

my little lucky cat was a pretty happy camper to be seated amongst all the glorious teak...

I'm a big fan of Danish Modern furniture, in particular the teak goodness. I grew up with the teak chair seen above and its matching side table (which I also have). Sadly, those 2 pieces are the only things left from a glorious set my folks bought in the early '60s. The remaining pieces have been dispersed amongst various people in need. I only wish I had been the one in need at the time! However, I did rescue the last two from obscurity.

And now, I get to add more teak to my home! Joy! I am already in love with this magazine rack, and it will have a lovely new home when my new office/workspace is set up. All of my teak furniture will be in that one place ... ah, how I wish I could wiggle my nose & have the new office space done now. :)

Many thanks to Dee Adams for sending some style my way!

Oh, and folks, do go on over to deedee9:14's monthly giveaway to enter oodles of fabulous vintage goodies (yes, on a monthly basis)!

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  1. I'm so happy it arrived safely and I hope it has a long and joyous life in your home. ;)



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