Inspiration: that '70s couch

The couch that inspired the logo for The Vintage Apartment.

I'm always inspired to create art (whether graphic or handmade) by the vintage goodies I find or that I've grown up with.  The above couch was an awesome find at the local Sally Ann. I bought it specifically to be used for someone to crash on, as the back piece is removable making it a very small single bed. Oh, it's a wobbly old thing & shows its age, but it's just oh so '70s that it felt quite right in my vintage apartment.

Ah, and the teal Mid Century phone. Cannot forget to mention her. She's the mascot for my Etsy shop.

Now you see where the design for the banner originated. It's a creative process I enjoy thoroughly!

This is what I love about having an Etsy shop. It's always creative, always inspiring, and always steeped in vintage goodness. Being a part of the Etsy community has worked out quite wonderfully. I admit, it's not the same as being able to have in-person conversations & meetups like I had at Buttercup & Co. (my brick & mortar shop that closed early 2009) - but it's more similar than I ever thought it would be.

I'll be blogging, soon, about more Etsy Love - sharing some local & worldwide shops therein that I have come to really enjoy.

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