Little Blue Apron

Ah, I finally gave in to my desire and purchased this sweet Little Blue Apron embroidery art by doe-c-doe. I admire her blog & her art very much, and when I saw this particular piece a couple of months ago on her Etsy shop, I knew one day it would be mine. And so, for my birthday, I bought it.
When it arrived in the mail, G added a little birthday bonus in the form of an awesome repurposed ring. So big & colourful! It matches my coat & a favourite necklace. :)

The Blue Apron piece was even more glorious than I ever could've imagined. It reminded me so much of my little shop I used to own, Buttercup & Co., which is why I knew I had to have it.  It will find its permanent home in my new workspace, right above my sewing machine, as a form of inspiration.
Thank you, dear G!
p.s. I need to do a post about Buttercup & Co. so that people know what I'm talking about when I reference it. :)

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