'Summer Laundry'

This romantic & refreshing photography art print, from Art of Subtlety's Amanda Waltman, is finally framed & hanging beautifully on a wall in my apartment. It arrived in the mail a little while ago, but it took me a bit to get it framed & then photograph its loveliness. :)

The framed photo is nestled beneath my shelf of happiness (a few of my favourite things).

Eventually, it will find its way into my foyer, where I keep my vintage yellow ironing board, and where a lovely shade of yellow will be painted.  It will be the happiest of foyers! :)

'Summer Laundry' image from Art of Subtlety's blog so you can get a clearer view. 

Thank you Amanda! I love this print so much - it gives off a French feel, so I feel a little Parisian with it on the wall. :)

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