Sunday Smile

Today's smiles comes to you in three ways:
  • first: flowers! magenta carnations & yellow tulips (the yellow slowly turned orangey-pink thanks to sharing water with the carnations! - magic!) - Gracie also enjoyed the flowers
  • second: homemade gluten-free pizza (thanks to O'Doughs for their fabulous flax GF premade bases - 4 pack with sauce too)! I love to 'decorate' pizzas; edible art!
  • third: 1940s version of Pride & Prejudice. Greer Garson & Laurence Olivier! joy!
All as a prelude to Super Bowl Sunday. I do so enjoy the quiet of this day, well until the Super Bowl starts - I tend to be a loud couch spectator. Go Saints! (I always root for the underdog)

I hope your Sunday is full of smiles, too. :)

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