Thursday Thriftshop Therapy

Fab Find: Fred Press liquor decanter & cocktail glass set. Makes me want to host a swanky party.

Vases x 2: feminine lines & a peachy-flesh tone. Kind of creepy, but prettily so.

The Green Purse: I could totally see the lovely Grace Kelly sporting this sophisticated number.

A Graceful Gazelle: all decked out in vintage teak; he's a handsome fellow.

What is it about thrift shopping that makes me so darn happy? I suppose it's partly the hunt (don't worry, no vintage goodies were harmed) & partly knowing there's a story behind the finds. I don't know what the stories are, but I sometimes like to imagine who previously owned an item & why they ended up in a thrift shop. It's always a thrill, though, when that certain item pops out & you realize "oh! what a find!". It's a happy little thrill.

I'll be adding all of these beautiful finds to The Vintage Apartment, if I can part with them!
Update: already added the Gazelle & Peachy Vases: links are added below photos above
Happy Thursday!

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