Etsy: Front Page via Midnight Mystery

So, I know I just did a post about this whole Front Page of Etsy thing, but it happened again (in the early morning the next day!). Happy! Since I like to do a blog shout out to Etsy & the person who got me to the Front Page (in this case, Natalya's Studio) - well, here I go again!

Here's the Shiny Black Purse that was featured on Etsy's Front Page @ 4am (EST)! glee!
Astrid is the model (ain't she da bomb?)

Screenshot of Etsy's front page when Natalya's Studio Treasury (entitled Europe Midnight Mystery) was chosen to be featured. I was thrilled to be a part of this chic gathering of goods.

Some of Natalya's fashionable knit wear (these are 2 of my favourites!):

The Vintage Apartment thanks the world of Etsy and its inhabitants for making me have extra smiles. :)


  1. Oh snap -- that slouchy summertime hat is fantastic! Perfect for stowing away messy wind tousled hair!

  2. Des - that's my thought exactly! I might have to get one for bad hair days. ha!


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