I Love Soreno Avocado Green

I had a favourite juice glass; it was my grandmother's before it found its way into my kitchen cabinet. It was an Anchor Hocking Soreno Avocado Green small juice glass. I didn't know it was all that jazz, I just knew I liked the ridges, the colour, the size, and that it used to belong to my grandparent.
The glass broke a few years ago, and it was amazing how much it affected me! I was very distraught. Odd how that can happen over a possession. I still haven't found a replacement for that little juice glass, but I did fill the void with 2 pitchers, a vase & a tiny bowl (not pictured):

This is my window of Green. The vintage green turtle overlords it in style!

I love stories on how a collection starts. That little juice glass began one collection for me. What's the story behind one of your collections?
p.s. The funny thing is, green doesn't altogether go with my decor. I have the one window dedicated to green, and that's about it. But I loves my green window, nonetheless!

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