Like a Bear Wakening From Hibernation...

Strongpaw peeks her little kitty face out the door, to taste the Spring air.

Grace is impatient to get going on a Spring walk.

I love how the beginning of Spring-like weather gives extra spring to the step. There's renewed curiosity to sights & smells. Fresh outlooks.

I feel like a bear wakening from its hibernation - a little tired, but energized by the sun & the possibility of what's about to happen.

It's funny how every time Spring starts doing its thing, I forget just how re-energizing a season it is. Really, it shouldn't continue to affect me the same way every year, as if it's the first time Spring has sprung. But, it does surprise me every time. I love that that's the case.

I hope it makes you feel the same blissed-out way,

p.s. Strongpaw was taken to the animal hospital today, after her bum leg finally went kaboom ... poor kitty can't walk on it & cries in pain (cats don't show their pain, so that's how I knew it was bad). If you're so inclined, send some good kitty energy to her bad leg? Thanks! meow


  1. Oh gosh, hasn't this week just been amazing?! The weather is fantastic! I LOVE SPRING!

  2. oh, poor kitty. sending you guys good vibes and happy thoughts.

  3. I feel the same way about spring. I don't know if I could live somewhere I couldn't fully experience all four seasons. They each provide their own energy and I love them all. Spring is so fully of possibility though, and I love that.


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