Sneak Peek: Accessories at The Vintage Apartment

Sneak Peek at The Vintage Apartment's Acessories:

model: Astrid

The Vintage Apartment will be stocking vintage accessories on its shelves by Wednesday March 10th! Purses, scarves, necklaces & brooches - oh my!

Here are two direct links for The Vintage Apartment's accessories:
The Vintage Closet (where you'll find purses & scarves)
The Vintage Jewelry Box (all the necklaces & brooches are put here!)

I'm super excited to add new sections to my Etsy shop - I never thought I'd venture outside of housewares & home decor items, but I have a natural obsession with vintage accessories - why not share the love?

I spent yesterday photographing my favourite model, Astrid, in various outfits & hairstyles while she showed off all the vintage lovelies to their best advantage. The only constant was her ruby red lipstick. It was a wonderfully creative day! I believe 500 photographs were taken on accessories alone, nonetheless the 'vintage '60s wedding dress in winter' shoot we did (that will be in a later post). It's wonderful to have people in your life that allow you the freedom to imagine/create/play- so thank you Astrid & Michele for giving me a day to do just that!


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