Sunday Smile: Spring Snowfall

she stood outside wearing her pretty pink clogs

enjoying the sights of spring

with birds singing all around her

it took a while for to realize that there was snow on the ground

Lots of people will be grumbling about the snowfall we had overnight and into the day today. I mean, it is Spring afterall! Funny thing is, this happens every year. We think old man winter is gone for good, but then mother nature waves her twig wand & giggles (it's one interpretation) & makes the white stuff appear again.

Seeing the snow made me smile. It made Grace smile, too, because she enjoys a run through freshly fallen snow. I heard chipping sparrows, grackles, crows, woodpeckers & chickadees! Then Mr & Mrs Cardinal joined the chorus & swooped down in front of me; show-offs!
I hope you find the good things today, too!

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